Bendable Paper Straw Specifications


  • Item: U-shaped Paper straw for Tetra Pak 180ml – 200ml.
  • SKU: 180ml – 200ml Tetra Pak.
  • Description: U-shaped paper straw with individual wrapping in continuous belt form.
  • Usage: One straw for each 180-200ml tetra pak.
Material of ConstructionPaper (100% virgin grade, Bleached)
GSM of Paper Layerg/m2120/120/60 (3 paper layers)
ColorMilky white, (as per approved sample)
Straw tube inner diametermm3.7 (±0.2)
Straw tube outer diametermm4.4 (±0.2)
Straw length when foldedmm106 (±2)
Straw length when extendedmm159 (±2)
Straw upper lengthmm40 (±2)
Straw lower lengthmm99 (±2)
Wall thicknessmm0.35 (±0.01)
Diagonal Cutting Angledeg50 (±5)
Straw Packing ParametersUnit4mm
Packing TypeStraws supplied individually flow wrapped in U folded form with seal contour as per folded straw contour in continuous belt
Material of flow wrapHeat sealable BOPP
Material thicknessMicron14 Micron
Width of the flow wrapped beltmm120 (±1)
Straw Pitch (10 straws)mm220 (±1)
Seal width above straw, at min pointmm6 (±1)
Seal width below strawmm6 (±1)
Straw pocket width at folded partmm13.5 (±0.5)

Transport packaging: Individually BOPP flow wrapped straw in a continuous belt folded & packed in a good quality carton.

No. of straws per box: 17000 straws in jumbo carton.


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