Puro Herbal Hand Sanitizer Gel – 100 ml (Pocket Sizes Bottle)

50 inc. GST

1. Most of the Hand Sanitizers and specially Puro is alcohol based and destroys the germs instantly.

2. Puro is made with ingredients that moisturises the skin leaving it clean, smooth, and of course completely clean.

3. Puro has been designed and packaged using a special laminate which makes it durable and allows it to be carried anytime and anywhere.

4. Puro kills germs and decontaminates your hand up to 99.99% which is more than enough for healthy living.

5. Puro herbal hand sanitizer gel is gentle on the skin and is not at all harmful to children. Most of the hand sanitizers do contain alcohol and hence it is advisable to allow children to use it under adult supervision.