About Arham Hygienix

Based out of New Delhi, India, Arham Hygienix is an emerging start-up which is engaged in manufacturing and trading of cosmetic and healthcare products. A brainchild of three partners, we here are promoting Puro a new-age hand gel with an innovative packaging that ensures protection from germs, anytime and anywhere.

Hygiene is our business

Our convenient packaging is designed to make it easier for you to carry protective hand sanitizer while everyone is starting to rejoin the usual activity. Opening up the cities creates a dire need to keep sanitizers within reach at all times.


Our vision is to simply have a hand sanitizer that is both handy and protects against the germs effectively. Did you know that most of the diseases are spread through contaminated hands making hand sanitizers a must have these days. Puro on the Go is made with the concept of always having a pocket weapon that protects you against the germs without having to carry a bottle of sanitizers!

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